IMDS Support & Services

Are you facing challenges in sourcing, validating, and managing Material Data Sheets (MDS) in the International Material Data System (IMDS)?

Managing IMDS data and ensuring compliance with regulations can be a challenging and time-consuming task. At Acquis Compliance, we offer comprehensive IMDS support and services tailored to the needs of automotive manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Our expertise and solutions help simplify the MDS reporting process, improve data accuracy, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Effortless IMDS Data Collection and Submission with Acquis Compliance

Creation and Maintenance of MDS: Ensure Data Accuracy and Compliance.

Automate Supplier Engagement: We coordinate with your global suppliers, facilitating data collection, validating MDS submissions, and ensuring timely and accurate reporting.

Material Research & Data Entry: We assist in the research and accurate data entry of materials, ensuring compliance with evolving IMDS requirements.

Effortless IMDS Data Collection and Submission with Acquis Compliancehex img

Multilingual Support: Ability to communicate with suppliers in native languages, ensuring effective collaboration and global reach.

Training & Consulting: Our experts provide consultation and training in RRR & other compliance regulations, helping you navigate complex requirements.

Integrated Solutions: We offer software support and integration capabilities with PLM, ERP and other systems, enabling seamless data exchange and collaboration.

Pro-Active IMDS Services ensuring timely MDS Submission for Automotive Industry


Time and Resource Savings: Our services streamline the IMDS reporting process, saving you valuable time and reducing the burden on internal resources.


Data Accuracy and Compliance: Benefit from our expertise and thorough validation processes to ensure accurate and timely IMDS reporting.


Supplier Collaboration: We facilitate effective communication with suppliers, providing guidance, coaching, and resolving queries to streamline MDS collection and reporting.


Regulatory Expertise: Leverage our deep understanding of IMDS regulations and other major compliance requirements, such as RoHS, REACH, PFAS, SCIP (WFD), Conflict Minerals and Prop 65.


Real-time Tracking and Reporting: Our cloud-based technology enables real-time tracking and reporting of MDS requests, providing visibility and control over your IMDS project.

Benefits of Working with Acquis Compliance

Benefits of Working with Acquis Compliance

  • Turnkey Solution: We handle the entire IMDS reporting process, from validating Material Data Sheets (MDSs) to timely submission, minimizing overheads for your organization.
  • Increased Efficiency: Our automated communication tools and streamlined processes enable faster supplier submissions, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
  • Data Accuracy and Assurance: With our rigorous validation and verification processes, you can have 100% confidence in the accuracy of the data submitted.
  • Access to Compliance Experts: Partnering with Acquis Compliance grants you access to our deep domain expertise and knowledge of processes across various suppliers and OEMs.
  • Complete Regulatory Compliance: We offer comprehensive solutions for multiple compliance obligations under one roof, ensuring you meet the requirements of different regulations.
  • On-Time Submissions: Our efficient workflows and timely coordination with suppliers ensure on-time MDS submissions to your customers.

Ready to Streamline Your IMDS Reporting with Acquis Compliance?

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