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Are you facing challenges in meeting Extended Minerals Reporting (EMRT) requirements?

Acquis Compliance is here to help. Our comprehensive EMRT software, consulting, and services simplify the process of managing your extended minerals program, ensuring compliance and enhanced transparency. With Acquis Compliance as your trusted partner, you can focus on your core business while we handle your EMRT reporting needs.

Effortless EMRT Compliance: Automated Solutions for Extended Minerals Reporting

Identify and assess the presence of Extended Minerals (Cobalt & Mica) in your supply chain.

Redflag alerts for high-risk smelters.

Automate Supplier communication through ease to use campaign manager.

Effortless EMRT Compliance: Automated Solutions for Extended Minerals Reportinghex img

Maintain auditable records for compliance and due diligence.

Generate consolidated EMRT reports effortlessly.

Engage with suppliers across the globe through user-friendly supplier portal.

Achieve Enhanced Visibility and Traceability of Extended Minerals within your Supply Chain


Automated supplier email outreach for seamless EMRT sourcing


Mitigate smelter risks with comprehensive risk analysis and effective mitigation strategies


Programmatic consolidation of EMRT with just a click of a button


Real-time analytics and reporting for improved visibility and control


Centralized repository with auditable history


Managed data services for efficient supplier EMRT sourcing and validation

Benefits of Working with Acquis Compliance for EMRT

Benefits of Working with Acquis Compliance for EMRT

  • Simplified Compliance: Reduce the complexity and risk associated with Extended Minerals - EMRT Reporting
  • Enhanced Transparency: Gain visibility into your supply chain and promote responsible sourcing practices
  • Time and Cost Savings: Automate EMRT surveys, consolidation, and communication processes, saving valuable resources
  • Mitigate Smelter Risks with Redflag Alerts: Identify and address potential supply chain risks associated with reported Cobalt & Mica smelters by your suppliers
  • Expert Support: Leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to navigate EMRT requirements effectively

Ready to Simplify Your Extended Minerals Reporting with Acquis Compliance?

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Extended Minerals FAQs

What are Extended Minerals?

Extended Minerals refer to specific minerals, such as Cobalt and Mica, that are commonly used in various industries, including electronics, automotive, and cosmetics.

What are the Extended Minerals Reporting Template (EMRT)?

The EMRT is a standardized reporting template designed to disclose information on multiple minerals. It replaces and combines the previously-existing Cobalt Reporting Template (CRT) and Mica Reporting Template (MRT) into a unified format. Over time it is expected to expand and include additional minerals as well.

Why is the EMRT necessary? Are these disclosures required by law?

Although regulations may not explicitly mandate the disclosure of minerals beyond the "3TGs" (tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold), there is a growing expectation for voluntary declaration and due diligence across many different industries. The EMRT provides a structured framework for companies to fulfil customer & Investor expectations and showcase their commitment to responsible sourcing practices.

Why is Extended Minerals reporting important?

Extended Minerals reporting is crucial for promoting responsible sourcing practices and ensuring transparency in the supply chain. It helps identify the presence of minerals associated with ethical concerns, such as child labour or human rights violations, allowing companies to mitigate risks and make informed decisions.

What are the key challenges in Extended Minerals reporting?

Challenges in Extended Minerals reporting include supply chain complexity, identifying and verifying smelters, gathering data from multiple suppliers, and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of information throughout the reporting process.

How can Extended Minerals software and services help?

Extended Minerals software and services provide tools and solutions to streamline the reporting process, automate data collection and analysis, verify smelter information, and ensure compliance with regulations. It offers centralized platforms for managing supplier information, conducting due diligence, and generating reports efficiently.