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Are you seeking guidance on navigating the complexities of California Proposition 65 compliance?

At Acquis Compliance, we understand the importance of protecting public health and helping businesses thrive within regulatory frameworks. Our comprehensive software, consulting, and services empower you to achieve compliance with California Proposition 65 and help you to determine the warning label requirement. Let us be your trusted partner in managing Proposition 65 requirements effectively and efficiently.

Automate Your Prop 65 Compliance Effortlessly with Our Software and Services

Determine the warning labels requirement and consumer notifications

Track and monitor changes in the Proposition 65 hazard chemical list

Assess and identify potential chemical hazards in your products and supply chain

Automate Your Prop 65 Compliance Effortlessly with Our Software and Serviceshex img

Manage ongoing compliance monitoring effortlessly

Red flag alerts for the substance of concern(SoC)

Simplify documentation and reporting processes for compliance submissions

Access Our Guide to California Proposition 65

Expert Insights for Regulatory Compliance

Access Our Guide to California Proposition 65

Achieve Greater Control and Consumer Safety with Acquis Compliance:


Streamline supplier communication and data exchange to ensure accurate and up-to-date chemical information


Proactively manage risks associated with Proposition 65 by leveraging comprehensive analytics and tracking tools


Establish a centralized repository for auditable documentation, facilitating efficient compliance management and collaboration


Benefit from expert consulting and training services to enhance your understanding of Prop 65 and consumer safety practices

Ready to Navigate California Prop 65 Compliance and Protect Consumer Safety?

Book a demo or contact our sales team to learn how Acquis Compliance software and services can simplify your journey toward CA Proposition 65 compliance while ensuring consumer safety.

Benefits of Partnering with Acquis Compliance for CA Prop 65

Benefits of Partnering with Acquis Compliance for CA Prop 65

By choosing Acquis Compliance as your Proposition 65 compliance partner, you unlock a range of benefits that support your commitment to consumer safety and regulatory adherence:

  • Ensure compliance with California Proposition 65 regulations, mitigating legal risks, and protect your brand reputation
  • Demonstrate your commitment to consumer health and safety, enhancing customer trust and loyalty
  • Streamline compliance processes, optimize resource allocation and improve operational efficiency
  • Stay ahead of regulatory updates and changes, ensuring ongoing compliance and market access
  • Safeguard your business against potential penalties and litigation related to non-compliance

Useful Prop 65 Compliance Resources

Explore our resource center for the latest news, industry insights, and practical tips on successfully navigating CA Proposition 65 compliance and protecting consumer safety.

CA Proposition 65 Compliance FAQs

What is CA Proposition 65?

California Proposition 65, also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, requires businesses to provide warnings to consumers about exposure to chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. It aims to protect public health and provide consumers with information to make informed choices.\n

Who needs to comply with CA Proposition 65?

Businesses that operate or sell products in California, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, are subject to CA Proposition 65. Compliance ensures that products containing potentially harmful chemicals are appropriately labeled, and consumers receive necessary warnings.\n

Why is CA Proposition 65 compliance important?

Compliance with CA Proposition 65 is crucial for businesses to avoid penalties, litigation, and damage to their brand reputation. By adhering to the regulations, companies prioritize consumer safety, instil trust, and maintain market access within California.

How can Acquis Compliance software help with CA Proposition 65 compliance?

Acquis Compliance software provides a comprehensive solution for managing CA Proposition 65 compliance. It assists in identifying and tracking potentially hazardous chemicals, streamlining documentation and reporting, automating warning label management, and keeping businesses informed about evolving regulations.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with CA Proposition 65?

Non-compliance with CA Proposition 65 can result in penalties, fines, and legal action. Additionally, failure to provide appropriate warnings to consumers about exposure to harmful chemicals can damage a company's reputation and erode consumer trust.\n\nStay ahead of CA Proposition 65 requirements and safeguard your business with Acquis Compliance's specialized software, expert consulting, and dedicated services. Contact us today to ensure compliance and protect consumer safety.\n