Managing and improving environmental, social, and economic performance in the supply chain can conserve resources, optimize processes, reduce costs, increase productivity, and promote corporate values. However, companies often struggle with implementation. Here are some practical steps to start and maintain a sustainable supply chain management system:

  1. Set objectives and manage responsibilities: Establish the overall vision and expectations for the supply chain management program and assign responsibilities to different people within the organization.

  2. Communicate with suppliers: Adopt or develop a code of conduct aligning with international standards and regulations. Communicate expectations to suppliers and set out their obligations.

  3. Identify supply chain risks: Understand your supply chain footprint and identify risks to prioritize which suppliers to include in the program.

  4. Engage with key suppliers: Engage with suppliers to ensure a shared understanding of the organization's objectives and establish oversight controls.

  5. Conduct due diligence: Assess the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance of suppliers through self-assessments, audits, and certifications.

  6. Monitor performance: Monitor the ongoing performance and effectiveness of the sustainable supply chain management system.

  7. Evaluate supplier relationship: Evaluate the supplier relationship based on quality data and engagement with suppliers on sustainability issues when deciding to expand, reduce, or end the contract.

This is not a prescriptive guide, as each organization has its own context and priorities. But it provides insight into what a sustainable supply chain management system might look like and is intended to inspire the journey towards building a more responsible supply chain management system.

The process of building a sustainable supply chain management system can be both time-consuming and costly. Implementing the right training for staff and standardizing processes are crucial for success, but these efforts may be hindered without expert guidance.

Acquis offers a cost-effective solution for environmental compliance and supply chain sustainability

  • Automated data collection from the source to provide comprehensive insights into your supply chain.
  • Simplified dashboards displaying vital sustainability data in an easy-to-read format.
  • A flexible program that keeps up with regulatory changes and industry developments.
  • Personalized support by expert advisors and dedicated customer success managers to ensure a customized approach.

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